Updates!! AKUSS-2012 Welfare Union have successfully Launched a Constitution for their Union.

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With our recent conversations we had with The PRO’s [Public Relation Officers of AKUSS-2012 WELFARE] Mr. Rashid and Mr. Boakye Emmanuel indicates that their elected Executive Members has come into consensus through voting and deliberations that involves the Constitution valid to guide the Union.

Besides that,

financial details which involve packages of money for events suitable for its registered Members has been captured in the constitution .

They further explains that the Executives have concluded on the amount to be paid by each member to cover any future events and other related activities.

Below are their drafted Constitution which was signed by their President. Mr Akorli Dennis [ Marketing at Goil, Accra-Ghana].



The welfare shall be known and called AKUSS-2012 WELFARE. It is a social and non-political organization.


i. To offer material and moral support in the event of bereavement of a member [father, mother, wife , husband and children] ,marriage, wedding, indisposition/medical assistance, Assistance towards getting job (non financial).

 ii. To offers and maintain the spirit of brotherliness and promote social activities among member.

iii. A member shall enjoy these packages when or she have fully paid his/her dues at the current duration.

iv. These benefits can only be matured to a member after 3months but in the cause of this duration the association will assist the member when there is any event.


  1. Membership is open to all members of the AKUSS-2012 BATCH who are interested to be part of the welfare.
  2. Member shall be subject to the payment of GHC 10 every month; increase of the monthly payment will be considered when necessary.
  3. A member shall pay an amount of GHC40 in support of every event that will take place[ On condition]


  1. A person shall cease to be a member upon the decision of a majority vote by the leadership of the union. [a] ceases to be a member of AKUSS-2012 WELFARE. [b] Is in arrears of dues for six [6] consecutive months.


  1. Members of the executive committee shall be the supreme policy making and governing body.
  2. Its members shall consist of the following.
  3. President
  4. Chairman[ 1st and 2nd vice]
  5. Secretary
  6. Treasurers
  7. Board members for all zones
  8. Organizers for all zones
  9. Publishing committee
  10. Public relation officers [PRO’S]
  11. Disciplinary committee


  1. The executive committee shall be responsible for the;
  2. Smooth running of the welfare. b]. investment of the welfare fund . payment of benefit.
  3. The executive committee shall have power to levy a reasonable fee on a member as and when necessary and expedient.
  4. The executives committee shall submit yearly statement of accounts at the Annual General Meeting.
  5.  A welfare offering shall be taken at the end of every month for the smooth running of the welfare as and when needed.


Officers shall be hold office for two [2] years and shall be eligible for re-election subject to good performance. They shall hold office for two [2] consecutive terms each. However, during the two [2] year period, any Executive Officer could be removed from office on the grounds of:

  1. Unsatisfactory performance of his/her duties
  2. Absenteeism for three [3] consecutive months to executive meetings without any genuine reasons or just cause by a vote of no confidence at any emergency or general meeting.


  1. Elections of officers to the welfare committee shall be held at an Annual General meeting every two [2] years. The committee shall notify the members at least one month in advance.
  2. Officers shall be appointed executives of the welfare.


  1. The executives committee shall meet at least ONCE every month or as often is necessary to discharge relevant matters in respect of the welfare.
  2. Where a vacancy occurs in the membership of the executive committee or where the executive member is for any reason unable to attend meetings on the 3 consecutive occasions , the committee may co-opt a member from the Association to act in his/her place.
  3. Meetings of the executive committee shall be convened by the secretary on the directives of the Chairman who shall preside over such meetings.
  4. In the absence of the Chairman, the 1st vice Chairman or the 2nd vice shall convened the meetings of the committee, the 1st vice chairman or his/her absence any other member elected by members present at the meeting shall preside over the meeting.
  5. The supreme Authority of the Welfare shall be vested in the paid-up members of the welfare through discussions with the President of the Union.
  6. General meetings of the Welfare shall be held twice every year.


  1. The main source of revenue will be:
  2. Contributions from the Welfare members .
  3. Registration fee of GHC 30 will be taken from the NEW ENTRANCE.
  4. Monthly dues of not less than GHC 10 from every registered member.
  5. Annual budgetary contribution from the Finance committee for the Union.
  6. Investment Profits shall be made known to every member.
  7. Donations and such other sums from members shall be receive in good faith


  1. An account shall be opened to be designated AKUSS-2012 WELFARE UNION FUND.
  2. All payments received by promptly deposited in the Bank account, kept and maintained in the name of AKUSS-2012 .
  3. Notwithstanding the provisions in the clause [i] and [ii] of the article, the Executive committee may authorize the keeping of petty cash / interest by the Treasurer or the secretary of a specified amount to be determined from time to time.
  4. The executive committee may invest part of the welfare’s fund in short term profitable ventures like T-Bill and Bearers Bond etc through the Welfare Bankers.
  5. All executives members shall be jointly and severally liable for funds found to be misappropriated unless proved otherwise.


  1. Proper books of the account shall be kept by the: Treasurers and the secretary under the direction of the executive committee such books of the account an bank statement shall be auditors appointed.
  2. There shall be three [3] members of the union ONE of who shall be a member of the ONE of who shall be a member of the Executive committee appointed to audit the account of the welfare committee and shall submit a report to the Annual General Meeting.


  1. BEREAVEMENT: Death of Parents, Death of Wife or Husband, death of Children, welfare committee members shall visit the bereaved family to express the Union’s condolence officially.
  2. Appointed members shall attend the funeral. The union shall present a wreath and cash donation of GHC 1,000 to the family of the member.
  3.  MARRIAGE [WEDDING] : An amount of GHC 1,000 shall be donated to the member.
  • CHILD BIRTH: A member shall receive assistance in the form of cash and items from member voluntarily [not mandatory to every member].
  • Clause of entitlement

Any member who benefits from the contribution of the association and has intention of exiting the association shall have up to 1 year to pay monthly contributions or pay the sum of year monthly before exit after benefiting.

NOTE: Information on death should reach the welfare committee within five [5] days of death so that effective announce could be made.


Any member , who for any reason ceased to be a member but later decides to be re-admitted , shall pay arrears from the date he/she first defaulted. In addition to paying all arrears, he/she shall pay a penalty/fine of %100 of his annual contribution.

If a member dies before the expiry of six [6] months of defaulting , the next of kin shall be entitled to be BENEFITS ONLY after he/she has paid all arrears and penalties/fines.

In case of sickness within the six[6] months period , a member shall inform the executives committee in writing. By doing this, the member shall retain his/her membership on condition that he/she shall pay all arrears in order to be entitled to any benefits.

Constitutions Are Bound for Amendment!!!

Official Email: akusswelfare@gmail.com

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