GoodNews: AKUSS-2012 Welfare Union had their first Executive meeting via Online !!

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AKUSS-2012 WELFARE UNION is newly organized association which have ever happened in the history of Akumadan Senior High School in the Ashanti Region ( Offinso North) . These visionary leaders have successfully launched WELFARE UNION with the aim of :

  1. Offering material and moral support in the event of bereavement of a member [father, mother, wife , husband and children] ,marriage, wedding, indisposition/medical assistance, Assistance towards getting job (non financial).

ii. To offers and maintain the spirit of brotherlines and promote social activities among member. 

Below are some key πŸ”‘ Agendas that were captured during their first meeting

Agenda for today’s meeting

  1. Look into departmental reports
  2. Proposed constitution
  3. Welfare packages
  4. Acceptance of monthly Dues
  5. Any other matters

NaftechghNews can confirm that , these well committed executives with passionate behind this Agenda have also Drafted a Constitution for this particular Association and we are waiting to gives you more updates whenever they pass this Constitution.

NaftechghNews is always available to offer you every informations which involves in this Welfare .


Mark Gyamfi (NafTech CEO)

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