Are You a Gov’t Worker? in need of Loans? Then Good NEWS!!! Loans for All Gov’t workers at a rate of %14-perannum.

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Are you a Government workers with Controller and Accountant General Department Pay-slip seeking for reliable and flexible interest rate a slow as %14-perannum ? . Then this is the biggest opportunity for you to apply your Flexi-Loan from IIMG-Ghana.

IIMG Ghana is currently assisting all Government Employees who receive their salary from CADG with Flexi-Loans without collateral and the process is easy and convenient. Durations for every transaction starts from 1yr-3yrs where the applicant will decide the duration that will suit him/her in the loan agreement.

For example if an Applicant is taking :

  1. GHC 10,000 for 1yr =[Monthly deduction is 945]
  2. GHC 15,000 for 3yrs=[Monthly deduction is 588]
  3. GHC 20,000 for 3yrs=[Monthly deduction is 784]
  4. GHC 30,000 for 3yrs=[Monthly deduction is 1176]

[Processing fees are applicable on every transactions]

The basic requirement needed for this transaction include the following:

  1. Three [3] current Payslips
  2. National ID card/ voters Id/ SSNIT ID[if any]
  3. Two [2] passport pictures

NOTE: Client should have an affordability not less than GHC 198 on his/her payslip.

Any interested Applicant can call this number for further enquiries

TELL: 0208798096.

Location: Achimota [ Accra]

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